Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to Savannah GA.

Day 2 of the southern style Wolf Brand trip.
Were in beautiful, historic Savannah Georgia.
Savannah still has that old feel to it sorta with
its homes and parks and all around everything i guess.

What Savannah didn't have that much of was a
party, but with only 6 of us we somehow changed
all that.

Ohhhh and we rode our bikes a little bit at this
awesome home made skatepark, it was a badass
set up, but only thing was it was super slippy
and way to easy to wash out but we still cruised
it and had a good time. Goddamn little Ryan Wert
started going nuts before we peaced out
foot jamming everything and airing every which way.

Then we partied more and more chugging
booze, playing guitar, singing songs, chugging
booze, playing games, chugging booze and fun.
(check bobby's face in this above shot)

Poor Wert had a bit to much of the chugging
and had to let loose in the potty area to make
room for more chugs and that he did.

The trip is over now
but keep checking for more trip
pics and stories and edits soon.
Thanks to
Ryan Fisher
Bobby Valentine
Ryan Wert
for helping make a hell of a good time trip

-Mark Mulville

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