Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet day, and more...

Such a crazy/eventful 2 hour session at southpark
the other day, Mostly good and fun but also some
not so good. Saw my buddy Nick D. go down pretty
hard cause his stem snapped in half (which i've
never seen one snap the way it did).
Right after Nick went down, this little random kid
on a scooter rolled up to us and gave us the finger,
then proceeded to roll up to everyone in the park
and give them all the finger as well, oh and when he
would throw it up he would grunt at you. What a cutie...

Not quite a Wolf but as close as we can get while
at the skate park i guess is a little Fox... The Fox was
pretty sweet though, just roaming around eating
and sunning and just looking all around cool as shit.
I'm naming him "Phillip the Fox".

Check out 11 seconds into this and you'll see
Mr. Wert

-Mark mulville

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