Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Start of the adventure! The BAT.

And we're off...
2 weeks ago Bryce Toole, Bobby Valentine and Myself headed off on an
adventure, And an adventure it was. First we headed up in the north of
Pennsylvania to see our buddies - the Bennett family.
Staying there was an adventure in itself! Kris Bennett wanted to show
us the town, So we all hopped in his big ass jeep and headed out seeing
the beauty it had to offer, Nearing the end of the Bennett tour he asked
if we wanted to take the bad boy off in the mud? Of course we said yes!
We were out in the woods for about 5 minutes before knowing the 4x4 was out and only running 2 wheel drive and getting stuck. I'm just gonna end that part of the story there, cause i could go on for days with just the mud story... So After all that, We just went and got some brews and hung out at the Bennetts house. Just sitting around in the garage like men do, Kris gets a text from Tara saying "I'm hiding under the blanket, there is a bat flying around!! Help". We laughed and went inside and sure enough, there is a bat flying around...

Bryce ended up catching the bat in his Wolf hat and like any regular human
would do, We closed the garage door and let it go having it swoop down at us violently
and laughing our asses off, It was a sweet time indeed!!

The Bat in the end just wanted to stay and hang more even with the garage door
now open, He just wouldn't leave. We then welcomed him with a beer.
The end!!!

-Mark Mulville

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