Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ryan Thorne - Would You rather.

A few of us were out to eat the other day, And I kept asking Thorne would You rather questions... So here they are! Enjoy..!!

Would You rather - 25 chocolate chip cookies, Or 3 meatball sub's from Firehouse subs? Meatball subs for sure,
only because you didn't say if the cookies were hot or not...

Would You rather - lick a donut, or lick a really old cougar chick's toes? Well apparently I wanna lick an old cougars toes
since I did that last week on our annul casselberry cougar hunt.

Would You rather - drink a 30 pack of Busch beers, or 5th of Jack? 30 beers i wouldn't make it half way through that jack!
I suck at liquor!

Would You rather - hook up with a decent looking 50 year old woman, or a sexy 18 year old? 50 year old... because she would

know more in the sac.

Would You rather - do a double backflip, or a double table top? TABLE TOPPPSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! for life.

Would You rather - play pin the tail on the donkey, or uno? UNO that shits hood as fuck!

Would You rather - see 3 grown men naked, or 95 year old woman naked? 3 grown men, I like the way were put together.

Would You rather - 10 large 1 topping pizzas, or 23 steak and cheese sandwiches? I would go for pizzas, there cheaper!

Would You rather - eat fungas that makes you see things, or enjoy a plant that makes you as far up as the moon?
This was a hard one, but I am definitely all for the plant more than the shit fungus.

Would You rather - dry 69 with tree guy, or pluck 5 of James ass hairs out with Your teeth? 5 hairs from James! Because
the tree guy is basically the walking dead
and I'm not into necrophylia...

I love this Fella!!!

Casselberry trails jam April 1oth

-Mark Mulville

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