Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Source bowl of Hastings

Hastings England showed us a good time!!

(Hastings Castle ruins - Site of the battle of 1066)

Mike Netley, Brian Yeagle and Myself took a little 2 day trip
to Hastings and then to Brighton to sight see and cruise some bmx..

(Brian going down on The Source bowl)

We got to Hastings mid day after stop at a cider farm and picking
up some home made cider. Once there, we hung out at
The Source bmx and skate shop for a bit, Then Went exploring about...

(Mike wall riding)

After our wander about, We rode the indoor bowl at
The Source. The bowl is really fun for sure, and watching Wild Cat ride
it is really good too!

(Wild Cat opp wall ride)

(Brian Sliding the vert wall)

(Mike, Brian and me cliff side)

-Mark Mulville

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