Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New England with Love


The Profile Racing crew just did a bmx shop tour through A few of our
Nations first states. The idea was to meet up with kids at different shops
and hang out a bit, talk and whatnot, then hit up the local park with them...
It was a success!
Here are some snaps, from Matt Coplon.

Mike Meister Hits the Bar hop in Bridgeport, CT.

Matt Coplon Bunny hop tabe out of a flat bank Somewhere near Dick Mauls Bike Shop.

Conall Keenan Table After our rendezvous at the Daily Grind bmx shop in CT.

All the shops were super rad, and Thanks for hooking it up..
Also Big Thanks to Vitamin Water for hooking up us up the last few days
of our trip..... Check out
Circuit bmx and Profile racing for more pics and stories of the trip.


-Mark Mulville

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  1. Sounds like everyone liked Mike Meister. He is one of my favorite dudes.