Saturday, January 29, 2011

AZ Subrosa trip Day 4

Day 4- Yet another Wild day....! Started off as a bummer showing up to some trails that were supposed to be running all good, but all good was totally not the case. We drove 15 minutes off road into the desert just to find jumps that looked like they haven't been touched by a shovel in years. So we get out of there ad all rendezvous at a gas station. Soon after that Kc Badger says we can go ride this dudes yard, where there are some super good jumps that were kept up with and big. Rolling into the backyard and seeing this was a solid treat! Big jumps, effortless, and really fun. Thanks to those dudes for a good time and for allowing us to ride the jumps!

Next spot - I don't have any shots off but let me tell some wild shit went down here! Not sure the name of this spot, I just know its some little park in the Phoenix area.
At this Little park, Lahsaan Kobza Became one of my favorite riders! Already loving his style and ability to cruise any single thing pretty much better then anyone, here he sealed the deal. I can't even actually explain how this went - But he pedaled about 25 or more miles an hour and bunnyhop launched from a baby sized bank with a 4 foot tall gate close to 30feet away from it and made it with ease. This is one of those things where if you miss it, your done, That's the end of you, Not a worry for him though...
After the death defying stunt from Lahsaan, Miles and Seamus both got shit done hard as hell too, and impressed me for sure.
All in all it was a productive day for the making of G.U.T.I. Subrosa's video in the works called Get Used To It.

-Mark Mulvlle

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