Thursday, January 27, 2011

Subrosa AZ trip Day 2

Day 1 of the Subrosa trip in Arizona was good but a big ol' bust... Out of I think 5 spots we got kicked out of i think it was 4, And almost got taken to jail at one of them! Stupid shit! Still with getting kicked out of almost everywhere, it was still an awesome day. When you got a crew lie this, anything is fun!

Now we're on to Day 2 - Day 2 started out late due to Ryan Sher's back pains getting so bad that he could hardly even walk, so he went to the hospital. Once he got back we got on it and hit up Riggs trails in the middle of the desert on an Native American reservation. The trails are super good with a few different lines ad transfers all over the place, But it ended up being a pretty heavy windy session getting blown all over the place. So that session was short lived and on to the next. Pool Party time - The Pool we went to was in the middle of no where surrounded by a few abandon homes and palm trees. But anyway, this pool was soo amazing! Everyone killed it as well.
The last stop of day 2 - The Chandler Bike only Park. Damn this place was super amazing. Enough said!

Drink time....

-Mark Mulville

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