Friday, September 9, 2011

Interview of the Halahan Boys.

What got you both into BMX?
Lukas: My Dad has alot of bikes and got me one. He took me to the skate park and I loved it.
Nathan: Lukas. And my Mom and Dad.

How many years have you been riding?
Lukas: 5 years and I'm 8.
Nathan: I'm 7 so 4 years.

Whats your favorite type of BMX riding?
Lukas: Park. I want to ride trails but have to get better because they are so big in Pittsburgh. And, Mike Potoczny is building us a big ramp and box at Gaga's (grandma) house.
Nathan: I like the rhythm lines at The Flow and Rays. And our Fresh Park ramps in the basement. And Gaga's ramp when its done.

Who are your sponsors?
Both Boys: Vitaminwater and Wolf Brand Clothing for Freestyle. Dirty Harrys Bike Shop. We have race sponsors too. Ripxx, F1 Ceramic, Uni Seats and Blue Horseshoe Tattoo.

Who are your 5 favorite riders?
Lukas: Kyle McRory, Ryan Wert, Taylor Mcrory, Tyler Valentik, and You (Mark Mulville) and Bret that five?
Nathan: Mark Mulville, Ryan Wert, McRory's, Adam Litwin, Mark Potoczny and Tyler Valentik cause he rides alot with us.

What is you favorite beverage to drink while riding?
Lukas: Vitaminwater XXX
Nathan: Vitaminwater Dragonfruit

What is your favorite food?
Lukas: Mac-n-Cheese
Nathan: Bacon*

These boys are total rippers, and there mom and dad are right
behind them in every way. I thank the whole Halahan Family for all the help
and support, and you should to if you cross paths with them.

-Mark Mulville

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