Thursday, September 22, 2011

Louis Smith, The dude!

1. How old are you and where do you currently live?
I had to think about this… I’m 22 years old currently living in lovely Southampton.

2. How long have you been riding bmx for? First of all I was a scooter kid for 3 years, living the dream! Then I found a BMX and have now been riding for 8 years.

4. Can you do a backflip on a razor scooter? For sure!

5. How did you get involved with Case bmx Magazine? And what is it that you do for it? I moved to Southampton 2 years ago to study Graphic Design, this was when Netley was starting Case. Issue 3 I took over the role of designing the magazine and I bloody love it! Long nights, tight deadlines.

6. You just finished School recently, so what's next for Louis Smith? Haha! I got a job Designing for a local company, but unfortunately after 2 months I got sick of it! Now I have a little studio above Pijin BMX shop, screen printing t-shirts and designing websites… Early days but check

7. Any plans of visiting America?
Only if we can share beds?

8. Who would win in a fight, You or Mike Netley? Well if you know Netley well enough he becomes a bit of a trex on a night out. I’ll let him win.

9. If you had to pick Canned pasta or Cheesy toast to eat for a week straight, What would it be? Cheesy toast with marmite please!

10. Rap or Dubstep? I like a good old rap battle in the local kebab shop!

12. Older or Younger? Older!

13. Brad pitt or Johnny depp? Johnny pitt

14. Whats your favorite TV show, or what do you find yourself watching most? Ut oh. Bid Tv and price drop. If you don’t know what it is then check it out! If not Quest won’t fail with extreme engineering!

15. Are you married? I wish!

16. If you had to give a nice hug and kiss to any bmx shop owner, who and what shop would it be? John Pang at Pijin, he gives a good kiss and more, were not afraid!

17. Are You down to be a part of the Wolf Brand team/crew? Say yes!!!!
Yes Sir!

18. What is your all time favorite trick to do on a bmx? Your superman seat grab Indian on Anthem.

19. Anything that you'd like to say to end this? I’m not gay… my boyfriend is!

The Man, The Myth: Louis Smith.

-Mark Mulville

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