Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Casselberry Florida # 1

Casselberry Trails through my Blackberry...
Usually the Trails don't fully get going till like late December or January,
But this year is a whole other story. I've only been down here just over a week
and have already rode them a few times, Its crazy, but amazing!!

Aaron, Mike and Joey have been digging loads for the last few months,
along with some others. And since I've been here I been on it with those fellas
as well getting up at 7 or 8am (sometimes).

Not only are the trails ripping good, But all the animals of Casselberry have
been in full effect as well. Cats in the sink, Dogs in shades, Dogs helping dig...
Its pretty badass if you ask me!

New for this year: The Pump Track in the backyard of the trails...
Its rad! Good spot for all the buddies who have wanted to ride here for a while
but were nervous to just jump into hitting the trails, And for all the young bucks..
Basically saying - Its always a good time here at the Casselberry Trails..

Later on.

-Mark Mulville

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