Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is how the Casselberry Trails work...

Step 1: Raise enough money for Clay then call for it to get dropped off.

Step 2: It gets dropped off!

Step 3: Pay the guy!

Step 4: Do a shit load of work, digging on the jumps!

Step 5: Ride them (as being done here by Rob Doleki)

Thanks for anyone who's helped in anyway! Weather it be from money, or digging or whatever...
Also - We'll be doing a Online/In person raffle with a bunch of my parts from my last bike, which i only rode most of it for a couple months and the money goes to the Casselberry trails to help the jumps and keep everything going... More info on that later on today or night. All the raffle stuff will be done from Mike Cottles site
Wastedyouth97.com and in person at the trails from myself or Aaron .
Tickets will be 3$ for one and 2 for 5$. and the raffle will go from now till the day after new years!
Package includes: Profile Push stem, Profile Front Envy/Elite full built wheel on sun rims, Subrosa Pandora 8 rise bars and more...
Get in touch with me on facebook for more info or to buy tickets :)
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-Mark Mulville

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