Sunday, December 19, 2010

Matt Coplon's AfterParty. Scrog

Legends of HardCore!

Scrog was one of the heaviest bands in the early to mid 90s.
after breaking up in i believe 1995, They played one reunion show in
Maybe 2004, Which ended up being a crazy ass time...
So 6 years later finally getting together again to play another show
was amazing. Felt like going back in time to when i was a little tyke
with X's on my hands going to every show in Tampa.
Anyway.... It was nothing but amazing!

Everyone got pretty wild.

Matt Coplon has been in the Tampa hardcore scene forever it seems,
Doing vocals for another legendary hardcore band -
Reversal Of Man! Who split in 2000 and then teamed up with the guys from
Scrog to start another band called - Light Yourself On Fire!
But anyway, the guys in Scrog asked matt to come up for there last song
and do guest vocals... Just to say "it was amazing"
Thanks to Scrog and Matt for a great night.

-Mark Mulville

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